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18 hours ago
39% of Jordanian youth aged 15-29 were found to be neither employed, education or training (ERF 2018). With @UNICEF support, 77,000+ adolescents and youth participated in life skills and vocational trainings in 2018 @CanadaDev @kfasinfo @StatePRM

@3RPSyria @MoPIC_Jordan https://t.co/MmTpcMMeBM
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6 days ago
iMMAP Iraq´s Multidimensional Risk Mitigation Information Management Center (RMIMC) started the second round of its #training sessions, with a five-day #informationmanagement #workshop for the heads of office of the Barzani Charity Foundation.

#capacitybuilding #mineaction https://t.co/3q0nq8J03h
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1 week ago
تواصل @UNICEF_Yemen الإستجابة لاحتياجات النازحين في مخيم فُقُم في #عدن من خلال توفير طيف من الخدمات بما في ذلك العيادة المتنقلة، نقل المياه، عدة النظافة الشخصية ودورات المياه. مايزال الاحتياج كبيراً. الأهم من كل هذا، يحتاج النازحون إلى #السلام حتى يعودوا إلى منازلهم في #الحديده https://t.co/5zK04ks1ZO
1 week ago
This is not what a school should look like.

More than 2,500 schools in Yemen have been damaged or destroyed by the war, according to @UNICEF.

Yemen's children deserve a future.

#Media: new footage from Yemen shows how children are struggling to survive. https://t.co/XUHU77PbEA https://t.co/ypyqL2WHT7