Mohammed Abdelhafeez

Mohammed is an information management expert who has been working for ten years for various UN organizations and non-profit organizations involved in complex emergencies. He has extensive experience in the management, development and use of information systems and information flow analysis, understanding of methods and technical tools, data collection, transformation, storage and delivery.

He began his humanitarian career in 2011 with the WHO Sudan (health sector) responding to the crisis in Darfur for more than 5 years, then  iMMAP and OMS Euro in Turkey in response to the Syrian crisis (2 years). He has also worked with UNDP Sudan in the area of ​​recovery, return and reintegration, where he developed an online data collection and GIS tool for mapping returnees in the Darfur states. He published an article on the use of information technology in humanitarian emergencies with Lancet World Newspaper.

He holds a master's degree from Khartoum University and an honors degree in computer science from Future University.