Mauricio Rubiano Bello

Mauricio Rubiano Bello is Business Manager BA of the National University of Colombia in 2006, MA in International Labor Standards and Globalization (2008) of the International Labor Office of the ILO, University of Kassel and Berlin School of Economics and Law Germany with studies in regional development and work skills certified by the ILO Training Center in Turin, Italy (2005).

Mauricio Rubiano was International Consultant of the Global Cooperation Department FNV Holland-FNV in Colombia (2015), International Consultant of the ILO Regional Office for the Andean Region (2005), Project Manager of the Human Rights Program. Representative in Colombia of USAID (2008) and external consultant to the USAID public policy program implemented by AECOM Inc in Colombia (2010).

In the public sector, Mauricio Rubiano was appointed Senior Adviser for Public Finance and Human Rights Policy at the Bogotá Council (2011) and appointed by the Colombian Government as National Secretary of the Wages and Consultation Commission (2017).

In 2016, Mauricio Rubiano Bello was selected as Analyst Coordinator for UMAIC Colombia in a project funded by COSUDE and implemented by iMMAP.

In 2017, he is the Legal Representative of IMMAP in Colombia and is appointed by the RCO Residents Coordination Office as a technical professional for UMAIC's coordination activities with the United Nations System (2018).