Leslie DeWitt

Leslie S. DeWitt has been deeply involved with non-profit ventures for the past twenty-five years, especially those focused on education programs for under served middle school students. He has also become a committed advocate for policies that mitigate the proliferation of nuclear weapons and fissile materials and has concentrated on connecting the corporate sector to those issues. Les is a native of Kalamazoo, Michigan and a 51-year resident of Atherton, California.

A graduate of UCLA with a degree in Political Science, Les had a thirty-year career in food sales, securities advisement and real estate investments. He has climbed mountains on all seven of the world's continents, and has scaled five of the seven tallest continental summits, and 13 of California's fourteen 14,000' summits.

He is an avid open water swimmer, and a former member of the San Francisco Bay Dolphin Club, as well as the Explorers Club. He has served upon many local non-profit Boards, and has spent over fifteen years in youth athletic coaching. He is married to Lezlie Geer of Woodland, California and they have three children.