Julien Temple

He has been working in development aid and humanitarian assistance for 25 years, first with Handicap International and later-on with UNICEF. He has a lot of field experience going back to the conflict in Former Yugoslavia, Kurdistan, Asia Pacific (Cambodia, Laos, China, DPRK) and Afghanistan. At HQ level he also provided programmatic and operational support to field offices globally, conducting numerous field missions to country in crisis. He has been managing large scale programme both as a Country Director for Handicap International as well as with UNICEF at global level. From his work with UNICEF emergency division, he has been closely connected to the major changes in humanitarian action over the last 10 to 15 years, including the UN reform, the transformative agenda etc. He is therefore well aware of the current state of humanitarian action and challenges at stake, for both the UN and NGOs. From the many years in coordination and partnership building, He knows well most of the humanitarian actors. From his early study in Geography, his work in the Mine Action sector, and then with UNICEF led clusters, he has always seen IM as a critical part of humanitarian action. He has known iMMAP have been managing its partnership with UNICEF for several years. He therefore knows very well the organisation, its mandate and specific technical expertise. He has recently decided to move on and to become a mountain / trekking guide. This said, the personal conviction that made him work in humanitarian action for so many years remain intact. He is therefore interested in maintaining a connection to his former field of work and would be honoured to support an NGO like iMMAP in any way he can.