We tailor training packages and curricula to support specific needs and interests including data management, assessment and survey, humanitarian access and safety, as well as specific tool- and service-focused modules. Training and capacity development activities are provided at the individual, organizational, and multi-organizational level, designed and delivered to enable sustainable information management and evidence-based decision-making.

Trainings are customized for various levels of experience and expertise. Core Information Management Training sessions are available to provide general skills and knowledge of information management. Advanced Information Management Training is available for database managers and GIS specialists to enhance the use of new technologies and improve the coordination process. Mentoring programs provide support in the development and implementation of specific information systems.


To ensure sustainable data storage, sharing, and maintenance, our experts use database technologies appropriate to the user’s context, designed to facilitate ease of data collection, verification, analysis, reporting and sharing. iMMAP’s data management services are customized to address needs of interoperability, security and confidentiality, property rights, and the life cycle of data. The iMMAP team disseminates data and information, and/or provides controlled access, based on the security and confidentiality needs associated with the information. When necessary, iMMAP aggregates information products up to an appropriate scale prior to release.