iMMAP provides data visualization services through infographics and mapping. Effective visual representations translate complex data into straight-forward intelligible information for an audience of specialists and non-specialists. Further, data visualization and maps often illuminate key data trends and relationships that are otherwise hidden in numbers and text. iMMAP’s cartography, graphic design, and data visualization experts employ spatial representation and design principals to present situational and operational information in meaningful and actionable formats.


The iMMAP team specializes in data collection and verification services, including the development of appropriate methodologies, for needs assessments, impact surveys, emergency mine action surveys (EMAS), third party evaluations, and monitoring and evaluation. We directly conduct and/or support data collection activities, including assessments and surveys, employing both mobile and remote data collection.
The iMMAP team disseminates data and information, and/or provides controlled access, based on the security and confidentiality needs associated with the information. When necessary, iMMAP aggregates information products up to an appropriate scale prior to release.


iMMAP’s information management experts clean, process, and analyze data to derive accurate, actionable knowledge. We provide both quantitative and qualitative analysis, including spatial and statistical analysis, customized to meet the end information needs. iMMAP shares information and information products through the development and dissemination of reports, cartographic and infographic products, newsletters, and web-based platforms.